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Core Values

At GIM we are committed to the following core values. We expect this of ourselves and our clients to strengthen and build an amazing community! We’re excited for you to join us!!!


It takes courage to try a new studio and method. We commend you for being here and we will do what it takes to make you feel welcome.



We will challenge you in these sessions. We believe in you and invite you to go to your edge and find your inner strength!


As coaches, we are here to equip you and lead you. It is up to you to give it your all! We want you to leave empowered and remind YOU that YOU made it happen!


Our clients and coaches inspire each other.  When you are in class everything you do matters! You are an inspiration just by showing up and being here.



We will never ask you to do what we’re not willing to do. As coaches and staff, we are committed to continuing our education so we can better equip you. We ask that you show up powerfully and be ready to play full out as soon as you step into the studio.


We are made for connection. We were never meant to do this life alone. I hope that when you show up, you feel a sense of belonging. We want to build an amazing community and we are honored to have you here with us.